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Bengali Department


Department of Bengali:

Talking about the department, the first thing that makes us proud is our student strength and our relationship with them. Since 1987 pass course in Bengali department has been started in the college and since 2001 Honors course has been added to it. The growth rate of the department's student strength has increased every year. The department has a library which has more than 650 books. Which are given to teachers, parents and former students. Most importantly, the books are regularly used by students and teachers. The department has a magazine and a wall paper, named 'Arkpatra'. About which everyone in the department is very interested. Apart from the class, the department also conducts many activities with the students, including - Essay Competition, Quiz Competition , Extempore Speach, Seminars, Rabindra Jayanti Celebration, Bayeshe Shravana Celebration, Teacher's Day, 21st February International Mother Language Day Celebrations, Freshers' Welcome, Students Farewell etc. Students and teachers, alumni reunion fests are held in the department. Alumni also try to reflect themselves by publishing a magazine called 'Varnadoot', A reunion festival of alumni in any department of the college is really exemplary.
Every year an effort is made to take them somewhere on educational tour to help them to gain field work experience.
The student teacher relationship of the department is very cooperative. There are two Assistant Professors and two SACTs in the department. At present the college employs two more part-time teachers to support the department. The results of students of the department in University examinations are quite good. Every year the students of this department get the opportunity of higher studies in various Universities like Burdwan University, Calcutta University, Jadavpur University, Rabindra Bharati University, Rani Rasmani Green University, Kazi Nazrul University etc, which help to make our college name shine.
Although involved in a variety of jobs after graduation, students are mainly engaged in the teaching profession. Everyone in the department is always engaged in the overall development of the department. Otherwise it would not have been possible to keep it running with this huge number of students. This is the biggest driving force of the department.
The Bengali Department of Tarakeswar Degree College is always active and responsible in developing the students not only as good students but also as good citizens. Although there are many plans for the department, but affordability does not support us. The Bengali Department of Tarakeshwar Degree College is waiting to match those efforts and abilities.

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