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Dr. Pintu Shee

Assistant Professor
Research Interest : 8001873506


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Class Materials

Title Year Semester
Defination, Scope and Content of Geography20206
Geography as spatial science-sem.6(H)20206
Model Questions -CC13-SEM.6(H)20206
PPT-Basic Concepts of Remote Sensing20183
PPT-Basic Concepts on Sensor Resolution20193
PPT-Concept of Resource20173
PPT-Correlation Analysis20180
PPT-Cultural Region20180
PPT-Dumpy Level Survey20200
PPT-Evolution of Landform Davis, Penk & Hack20180
PPT-Evolution of landform on folded and Uniclinal structure20190
PPT-Insolation and Heat Budget20200
PPT-Karst Region and resultant landform20200
PPT-Laterite and Podzol20182
PPT-Model for Regional Development in India: Growth Foci (R.P.Misra)20190
PPT-Model of regional development: Growth Pole Theory(Perroux)20200
PPT-Peninsular Drainage System20183
PPT-Prismatic Compass Survey20190
PPT-Process of Condensation and mechanism of precipitation20190
PPT-Remote Sensing-Basic Concept on False Colour Composite20190
PPT-Remote Sensing-Demographic Transition Model20200
PPT-Threat to Biodiversity: Causes and Conservation20200
PPT-Writing a Research Report20200
PPT-Zonal Azonal and Intra zonal Soil20200
PPT-Zonal Soil Profile: Laterite, Podzol and Chernozem20200
PPT_ Basic concepts on G.I.S20173
PPT_ Threat to Biodiversity20172
PPT_Mechanism of Precipitation20172
PPT_Plate Tectonics and resultant landform20170
SEM II(G)-CC2-Th.-Unit-1.3-Forms of precipitation20202
SEM II(G)-CC2-Unit 1.3-Types of rainfall20202
SEM VI(H)-DSE-4-SOIL &BIO GEOGRAPHY-UNIT- 2.6-Biodiversity20206
SEM VI(H)CC13-UNIT-1.4-Geographical Thought_Development of mapping and knowledge in the age of exploration20206
SEM-II(H)-CC-3 UNIT-1.3-Cultural Region(Language & Religion )20202
sem-II(H)-CC-3-Concept of race and ethnicity20202
SEM-II(H)-CC-3-Evolution of Human20202
SEM.II(H)-CC3-Human Geography(Th.)-Unit1.1-Nature,scope&content of Human Geography20202
SEM.II(H)-CC3-Major Racial Groups Of The World20202

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